Blue Collar Torque Wrench Review

Blue Collar Torque Wrench Review

Torque wrench reviews on some car owners suggested that when you tighten your lug nuts too much might damage the rotor, thou this does not suggest that you shouldn’t tighten the nuts. Why is it important to buy a torque wrench? According to many experts it is a good idea to keep the lug nuts to the manufacturers specifications. Torque wrenches are very useful for any person who owns or services a car.

Types of Torque wrenches

1/2″ Mountain 16250 Drive torque wrench

This torque wrench is designed to be used for 25-250 ft./lbs. The wrench is 25″ long. This torque wrench produces ratcheting clicking sound to help you know when the required torque has been reached. It is good for tight spaces.

This torque wrench goes for $65.30 and it comes in blow-molded case for easy storage. Most consumers liked this product and they said the price was fair.
1/2″ Drive torque wrench from China
This torque wrench can measure 50-250 ft./lbs. It is fully polished and it also meets all the ANSI requirements. It weighs 3.85 lbs. and has a height of 29.92 inches.

The torque wrench review suggested the product was the best option hands down. It is great for installing two CV axle and lug nuts. This product is cheaper and offers very good service according to costumers who used it. The lightweight of the product is also an added advantage.

1/4″ 20-200 Inch-Pound automatic torque wrench

This is a basic type of torque wrench that sells at $30 and is available in 1/2″ and 3/8″. Most reviews suggest the value is good given the usefulness of the wrench for cars. This torque wrench is rated for 20-200

1/4″ drive electronic wrench

This torque wrench combines the accuracy of an electronic torque wrench and the ease of use of a mechanical torque wrench. This torque wrench measures 12-120 in./lbs. of torque. This torque wrench is also available in 3/8″. It produces an audible sound and has a visual light that helps you not to exceed the required torque. It also has flexible tang which help you get it to tight spaces.

Electronic torque wrench 2401CI3

This torque wrench measures 2-20 ft. lbs., 24-240 in lbs. and 2.71 Newton meters. It weighs 2 pounds and is 15 inches long. It has an LCD display that displays the torque reading, battery indicator, and unit of measure and CCW indicator. It also has a 15-degree flex ratcheting head and a battery saving feature that shuts down the product after exactly 2 minutes of non-use. Many customers prefer this product due to the sound it plays when the torque value has been reached

The torque wrench reviews on this product was that it is easy to use and the price is very fair.
1/2″ Drive Dial torque wrench

This torque wrench has a dual scale that is clockwise and counterclockwise. It is calibrated it metric units. It employs the principle of torsional drive mechanism and it is therefore the accuracy is not affected by the position of the hand. It has an electric buzzer that alerts you when the required torque has been reached. It has an accuracy of +/-3% in both direction and it also has a very easy to read scale that has very high contrast.

The torque wrench review on this product suggests that most consumers liked the product due to its ease of use. Most of the customers like the buzz produced when the required torque is attained.

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