Hyperloop Travel from NY to LA

hyperloop travelHyperloop Travel from NY to LAPosted by Klark in Home On December 21, 2014
hyperloop travelMost Bay Area residents have found that commuting is an integral part of their daily lives. The traffic, the delays, bringing a book to read for the long trip both to and from work.
Many people commute right accross the country for work several times a month. Either from LA to New York or New York to LA, battling through airports as if it was a video game with many levels and an end goal in the distance, when you get to the sidewalk outside the airport and finally hail your taxi. What if there was an alternative to flights and car rides?
CEO of Colarado Company Telsa, Elon Musk believes that there might soon be an answer.

What is The Hyperloop System?
Musk said that the Hyperloop is a tube transport system that would enable commuters to travel at high speeds, reducing trips between San Francisco and Los Angeles to mere minutes. It is projected that travelling from the East Coast from California could even take under an hour.
The company behind it, ET3 are based out of Longmont, Colorado are calling their project the Evacuated Tube Transport.

How Will The Hyperloop Work?
hyperloop travel 1Specifically the Hyperloop could be described as an elevated tube system with magnetic levitation capabilities such as that of high-speed bullet trains. The difference would be the enclosed tube, providing an almost friction-less support for individual capsules to travel in.
There are already number of schematics and plans already in place on the project. They say that automobile-sized, capsules constructed for “outer space” travel conditions could easily reach speeds of 4,000 miles per hour and carry six people per capsule.
In theory, this system could be built for a tenth of the cost of high-speed rail and a quarter the cost of a freeway. Currently the cost for a passenger to travel from Los Angeles to New York is projected to be $100.
elon muskMusk has also promised that he will make the Hyperloop design available as “open source,” and that he will not seek any patents for it.
It’s an exciting prospect for any traveller who imagines a cheaper, more convenient and faster way to travel for any purpose, whether it’s business or leisure.
Expanding on R.M. Salter’s VHST Model.
hyperloop travel 1In 1972, a tube system known as the Very High Speed Transit System (VHST) was decribed in a paper written by physicist R.M Salter. In his paper Salter wrote that the VHST could potentially send people across the United States in under an hour.
Although several technical problems existed with the idea at the time, Salter concluded, “The general principles are fairly straightforward: electromagnetically levitated and propelled cars in an evacuated tunnel.”
The Hyperloop, if realized, could end up rendering LA’s current high-speed rail system project obsolete.
Budgeted at cost of $70 billion, the high-speed system currently under construction would take passengers from San Francisco to L.A. in three hours, which is expected to be six times slower than the Hyperloop.

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