Ringside Invicto Boxing Gloves Review

Ringside Invicto Boxing GlovesThe boxing training follows many different phases and you must as well adapt your hands when it comes to special gloves for each circumstance of your training. If you are looking for something fancy that really will make you used to a pair of competitive gloves while you are still practicing, a good pair of sparring gloves is your best friend. The Invicto Sparring Gloves is one of the most refined models in the market and comes with everything you need for your sparring training or, we could say, everything that is really important for your hands to learn during this phase while you are very protected.

Despite its beautiful skin, this Ringside’s Invicto pair of gloves is not all about the looks but one of the most efficient designs of boxing gloves providing protection and high performance.
Ringside has several professional models for competition that are even praised and famous among champion fighters, so you would not expect anything less from their sparring gloves. Designed with traditional, classic system of attachment, this pair works with laces in the palm of the hand for a personalized wear as well as a refreshing system to let your hands breathe.

The padding here is really outstanding, either on the knuckles area or the wrists, the Invicto is made with internal layers of padding that provide the protection will remain stable and covering exactly the areas of your hand that need protection.

Cowhide Leather

Very soon after the sparring training boxing fighters can start to practice competitive exercises and matches, so is time to get used to the comfort and resilience of leather on your gloves. The best boxing gloves for sparring training must already make you used to the weight and the touch of the leather, as well as they are the best material to keep your gear intact for years ahead.

The Ringside’s Invicto is completely covered on leather without intersections with other fabrics, something that might end up causing problems to you as other tissues are not as much resilient as leather and will end up ungluing or ripping from the leather part. The same here goes for the wrist padding, which is internal and doesn’t require velcro attachments.

Internal Padding

Many training and even competitive gloves are developed with separate padding regions sewed all in one design of gloves. Some fighters really appreciate it – though this is more useful for other modalities like muay thai – but the best is to keep everything tight and homogeneous.

The padding of the wrists in this Ringside gloves is one of the most effective because of this internal system. Velcro padding designs are doomed to get damaged with the time as the bind/unbind of the velcro looses its resilience and also, can simply get detached while you are fighting.
The Invicto glove keeps all the protection as well very protected under the cowhide leather cover so all you have to mind about is to wear the gloves tight enough to keep everything in place.

Laces System


Laces boxing gloves SystemThis is the most traditional and endorsed system of attachment of boxing gloves. The best boxing gloves do not doubt, make better use of a lace system than any other kind of design to keep the gloves on your hands.
The great thing about fasten up laces to make the gloves tight to your hands is the fact you can make the performance of the gloves much more flexible and righteous to your hands throughout the years as well as they will fit any kind and amount of wrapping you apply.
Yes, it is more complicated to put it on but no one said boxing is supposed to be easy. Practice makes it perfect and wearing your boxing gloves perfectly really can make a difference in a fight, specially long matches. Also, this is the best way to your hands breath and avoid they get slippery.

Be sure however you are wearing the right size. Even though the laces system can make the gloves quite tight, you have to buy the most ideal for your hands to avoid tight up excessively the gloves. You can find the Invicto available in 12, 14, 16 and 18oz.

If you are not satisfied with this glove you can check other reviews for some of the best boxing gloves on a market today and make your final choice.

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